What is a Poem?

Garden of Poetry

By: Brooke Keith

A poem is a tickle

That’s stuck inside your head.

It’s a thought, a wish, a dream

Just waiting to be read.

A poem is a little thought –

Wiggling inside your ear

If you don’t let that thought out

He’ll tickle you all year!

Wiggling and giggling

That thought will move around

And that little thought won’t stop

Until you write him down.

And when you do

                   You’ll find it’s true

That when that poem is read

You’ll find another dancing in

The corners of your head.


Meet a Service Dog



Isn’t she lovely? This is Liebe, my future service dog. A service dog is an animal that is trained to help someone with special needs. For instance, I have MS and some days I feel really tired. Some days I may be off balance or dizzy. Some days my eyes might not work like they usually do. Dogs like Liebe help by doing small tasks that can save energy along with other cool things . . . like receiving lots of petting and giving lots of love. 

This week is MS Awareness Week. Do you know someone with MS? Sometimes our imagination can make things much scarier than they really are. Knowledge is power. Dads and moms like me often live just as long as any other dads and moms. We just have to do things a little differently. Different isn’t always bad. It’s kind of an adventure! Finding new ways to do old things means learning to be brave. 

And bravery, my friend . . . that we often learn from kids like you! Fearless. Caring. Kind. Spectacular. 

Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


Good Night Story Wednesday: Midnight Flight



By Brooke Keith 


Meet me in dreamland, little one. 

I’ll wait for you there.

I’ll dance with you on Jupiter

With moonbeams in my hair.

We’ll leave the stars as footprints

Upon our midnight flight.

We’ll hop aboard a shooting star

And kiss the moon goodnight.

We’ll spin the rings of Saturn

And discover far off things,

We’ll sail on clouds of moonlight . . .

Where fairies find their wings.

We’ll find a sea of twinkling stars

That we can wish upon

And when the night sky falls asleep

We’ll sail the sun back home. 




A Poem From a Kid: Donuts


A Poem by Emily

A donut is a cookie with a bellybutton.

Which is cool because bellybuttons are cute.

But if a donut had legs I would not eat it.

That would be just a little too weird.

If it had arms I would leave at the bakery.

If it had eyeballs I would run screaming.

If it talked to me . . .

I would call my dad because I am not supposed to talk to strange donuts.


Poetry Month: What Happens When You Shove EVERYTHING Under the Bed


Please don’t look under my bed . . .

You might just lose your head.

I whacked the pizza twice

But I still don’t think its dead.

If you do look under there

You will find my underwear!

I think it’s grown eyes and legs

And possibly facial hair.

The pudding from last week

Has really begun to reek!

I put it in my backpack . . .

Then it melted and it leaked.

The dinosaurs have grown mad

Eating food that has gone bad!

They have formed a small army –

And they like to eat moms and dads.

My bed please pass it by

If you want to keep your eye.

But if you really want to look . . .

Please kiss your tush goodbye.


Really Boring Superheroes : Monster-Beneath-the-Bed-Man!


Monster-Beneath-the-Bed Man:

Made up of last week’s underpants, old pudding, LEGO blocks and socks your mom begged you to change three months ago.

Super purpose: Makes sure that no real monsters nest beneath your bed by making it too crowded for them to fit and far too stinky for them to want to.

Sidekick: Monster-In-The-Closet Dude

*Teachers, can’t get your kids to really get into writing this year? Mix it up. Give them a chance to shine at topics they love and even your most stubborn student just might surprise you!