What is a Poem?

Garden of Poetry

By: Brooke Keith

A poem is a tickle

That’s stuck inside your head.

It’s a thought, a wish, a dream

Just waiting to be read.

A poem is a little thought –

Wiggling inside your ear

If you don’t let that thought out

He’ll tickle you all year!

Wiggling and giggling

That thought will move around

And that little thought won’t stop

Until you write him down.

And when you do

                   You’ll find it’s true

That when that poem is read

You’ll find another dancing in

The corners of your head.


Poetry Month: Someday I’ll Have a Mustache



One day I’ll grow a mustache

And I’ll wear a suit and tie.

I will go to fancy parties

With a monocle on my eye.

I will hold open steel doors

And preform gentlemanly deeds.

I will own an Ernest Hemingway book

Someday when I can read.

I will meet a lovely lady

And we will make a dashing pair.

But first to finish up my nap

And work on growing some hair.


Good Night Story Wednesday: Midnight Flight



By Brooke Keith 


Meet me in dreamland, little one. 

I’ll wait for you there.

I’ll dance with you on Jupiter

With moonbeams in my hair.

We’ll leave the stars as footprints

Upon our midnight flight.

We’ll hop aboard a shooting star

And kiss the moon goodnight.

We’ll spin the rings of Saturn

And discover far off things,

We’ll sail on clouds of moonlight . . .

Where fairies find their wings.

We’ll find a sea of twinkling stars

That we can wish upon

And when the night sky falls asleep

We’ll sail the sun back home. 




A Poem From a Kid: Donuts


A Poem by Emily

A donut is a cookie with a bellybutton.

Which is cool because bellybuttons are cute.

But if a donut had legs I would not eat it.

That would be just a little too weird.

If it had arms I would leave at the bakery.

If it had eyeballs I would run screaming.

If it talked to me . . .

I would call my dad because I am not supposed to talk to strange donuts.


The Land of Nod: A Goodnight Poem for Royal Rugrats



Land of Nod


Fancy free     

You and me

Dreamland is our stage.

We’ll be knights

And kings and queens

Upon a midnight page.

Dragons fly

            On fiery sky

                        And castles high and fair,

Enchanted trees,

And regal seas

Are waiting for us there.

Fancy dresses,

            Royal tresses,

                        Armor, see it shine.

Dancing in,

Where dreams begin . . .

                        This kingdom yours and mine.