About Brooke

One book, two book, red book, blue book . . .

Big books, small books! Brooke loves all books!

Brooke grew up in a small town in the country where she used to sneak away from her class to visit the library. Some people might think that is a little nerdy. But it’s true. Just ask her elementary school teacher Mrs. Justice. As a young girl, she dreamed of living inside a picture book. Realizing she was a little too big to fit, she decided to write them instead.

Since then her poetry for children has appeared in children’s magazines and storybooks around the world. Over the years Brooke has had the opportunity to write for the wonderful folks at Warner Press, MeeGenius, Zondervan, CBN and lots of other great people. She has even gotten to work with hip beret wearing artists like Marion Billet who paint in little apartments in Paris and talented illustrators like Mary Bausman who has illustrated for Kermit the Frog himself!

And for a nerdy girl . . . she thinks that’s pretty cool indeed.

When Brooke isn’t writing or getting lost in a Dr. Seuss book you can find her with her backwards-hat-wearing husband and their five awesome kids.


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