Meet a Service Dog



Isn’t she lovely? This is Liebe, my future service dog. A service dog is an animal that is trained to help someone with special needs. For instance, I have MS and some days I feel really tired. Some days I may be off balance or dizzy. Some days my eyes might not work like they usually do. Dogs like Liebe help by doing small tasks that can save energy along with other cool things . . . like receiving lots of petting and giving lots of love. 

This week is MS Awareness Week. Do you know someone with MS? Sometimes our imagination can make things much scarier than they really are. Knowledge is power. Dads and moms like me often live just as long as any other dads and moms. We just have to do things a little differently. Different isn’t always bad. It’s kind of an adventure! Finding new ways to do old things means learning to be brave. 

And bravery, my friend . . . that we often learn from kids like you! Fearless. Caring. Kind. Spectacular. 

Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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