Toilet Frog: A True Story of Moms Who REALLY Hate Slimy Stuff


I arose in the midnight

After having too much tea,

And with my eyes half shut

I tiptoed to go pee.

But just before I flushed,

Something caught my eye.

It was green! It was slimy!

It had four legs and two eyes!

When you live in the country

And it rains bogs and bogs . . .

Apparently it also rains

Mounds of toilet frogs!

So how did you get in there,

Amphibian in the commode?

Are you a new species

Of mutant sewer toad?

I wake my son to fish you out

And put you on the deck.

The next morning you’re back again . . .

In the toilet? What the heck!?

Next time YOUR mom wakes up

In the middle of the night . . .

Please oh, do make certain

That she turns on the light!

Tiny tadpoles, warty toads

Or commode pollywogs . . .

Your mom may be the next victim

Of my good friend toilet frog.


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