Lego Minifigure Trains for Walk MS!



This little guy isn’t just lifting toothpick cheese . . .oh, no! He is lifting toothpick cheese for a cause! Bob here is training for Walk MS. 

Have you ever heard of MS? MS is an illness that affects a person’s brain and spinal cord. Like some of you, your moms and dads, I too live with MS. My life is still lots of fun. It’s just different.

MS is an auto-immune disorder where a person’s cells attack the lining of their nerves. When the nerve lining is damaged it gets harder for the body to send and receive signals. This is why some people with MS may use a wheel chair or a cane. 

Scientists are learning more and more about MS every day! Moms, dads and kids with MS have more and more options each and every day to not only feel better but someday be cured! 

If you want to learn more about how you and your family can get involved please visit



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